Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is on television tonight?

I wouldn't know.
I have turned into the weirdest television watcher.

The main channels I stick to are Disney, ABC Family, Bravo and TLC.
Lately however there is a new winner when it comes to watching and it happens to be . . .
It is pretty much the only thing I watch.

Other than that I have turned into one of those people who watches whole series of a show in 3 weeks time.

I've finished:

Sex and the City ( my new favorite )

The Closer

And I am working on finishing:

You have no idea how sad I was when I finished SATC and The Closer. I've really run out of shows to watch. I've even started watching television on Netflix. I caught myself watching old episodes of Deadliest Catch. Does anyone have any show suggestions?

P.S. The variety of shows I watch is a little ridiculous, just saying.

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