Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strobe Light Time!

I have never been one to wear paint on my finger nails.
My toe nails are the opposite, they are NEVER without some sort of polish.

Most of the time my fingers are bare. Occasionally they will get treated to that special pretty pink polish or those fancy fake french nails.

Wait. . .

I have to admit something.

I bite my nails.
I bite them bad.

I get nervous really easy.
My way to help this situation is to just chew, chew, chew.

It has been really bad lately, and I decided it was time to paint them.

First I used pink, but that was quickly peeled off.

But then one magical day of walking around Target, it found me.
The most beautiful nail polish I have ever seen.
And it looks a little something like this. . .

(It looks even more amazing in real life!)

So lets just say, my nails are not being bitten and are sparkled out!

P.S. My sparkled finger obsession started with my friend Kayla (it was her little sister's polish) and her sparkling fingers. I stole the idea and I am completely fine with that. I am also completely fine with the idea that I am almost 2o years old and wearing something that a 5 year old would wear.

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