Monday, September 27, 2010

Three Parks, Three Visits and Two Weekends

Confusing I know, trust me I lived it.

The parks were Disney, Universal and Islands of Adventure.

My mom and I went to Orlando for the weekend of Labor Day. We ended up staying in a Disney hotel just because we could even though we weren't planning on going to the parks.
It was mainly a shopping trip.

However one night at dinner my mom brought up the extra magic hours that our are given when you stay in a Disney hotel. She had barely gotten through asking me if I wanted to go before I finished my food and was ready to leave. So we ordered the tickets, paid the check and away we went to my favorite place on earth.

I didn't take a lot of picture this night so there are just a few.

The Hall of Presidents, trust me I know I am lame.

The Castle!

Walt Disney and how it all started, Mickey Mouse.

The next weekend I had made plans to go with my dad to go to Night of Joy and Rock the Universe. These are christian concerts held were the parks of closed down just for the event people. The rides are open and there are a bunch of concerts obviously,

Night of Joy happens at Magic Kingdom, we went there Friday night.

On the highway, almost there.

We made it to Disney World, Where Dreams Come True

We were so sad on Dumbo because our elephant wouldn't fly up and down.

But then it was all better because we realized we were in WALT DISNEY WORLD!

Dumbo and I

One of my favorite quotes made by Walt Disney himself.

My Buzz Lightyear score. I beat my dad and Brittany!

While we were there Britt also had her first turkey leg ever and I got to have a blue raspberry icee and I didn't die of allergic reaction!

We had decided that if we were going to be going to Universal the next night that we would have a free day, so Britt and I decided we HAD to go to Islands of Adventure just so we could see Harry Potter world.

Hogsmeade in the flesh!

Platform 9 3/4 here I come!

The candy shop, HONEYDUKES!!!

The Castle from a little distance!

Up close and personal!!!

It was absolutely amazing. We ended up going on the big Harry Potter ride. We waited in line for over an hour, but it was so worth it. Not only was the ride fun but the wait was too. We told Harry, Ron and Hermione goodbye and headed to the other parts of the park.
We went on the The Cat in the Hat ride. Then we went on the Spiderman Ride.

After that we decided to head on over to Universal.
We went on the Nickelodeon ride and the saw Shrek 4D.
Then we headed over to Mummy and then Jaws.
I literally kept my eyes closed the whole time on Jaws.
Then we went on Men and Black.
Britt and I went on The Simpson Ride.
Then we all went on E.T.

After that we ended up leaving early because my dad left his debit card at Cracker Barrel. We decided to just head home shortly after that. We were all pretty exhausted.

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