Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daytona Beach

My friend Brittany and I decided we just had to see Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker.
Thankfully they were headed to Daytona Beach,
We ordered tickets and I booked my first hotel under my own name.

What can you expect with two teenage girls on a weekend trip out of town?
Apparently brownies, cereal, ipods and two extremely large and unnecessary drinks.

On our way there!

Daytona, we are here!

The first hotel I have every booked under my name, not too shabby.

Our view, we got an free upgrade haha.

H20 Tour!

Darius Rucker live and in person. It was my second time seeing him live.

Water :)

Our seats were pretty amazing. We had floor seat and they were the last ones on the floor. However they arena was pretty small so our seats turned out perfect.
Towards the end of the concert we were standing there singing along. All of the sudden Brad had moved out into the crowd. Then this little cowboy hat seemed to be getting closer and closer. Then all of the sudden Brad Paisley was running by me, less than a foot away. OH MY GOODNESS. I was absolutely speechless and had no idea what to do. Do I reach out and touch him? I decided no on that one, just a little creepy.
It was absolutely hilarious. At this point my feet were tired, so my boots were off and I was standing there in my grandaddy socks that were underneath my boots.
Britt was of course screaming, OH MY GOSH MY CAMERA ISN'T READY!!! IT ISN'T TAKING PICTURES. We were a sight to see.
Thankfully Britts camera decided to cooperate and we ended up getting some up close pictures.
We got some closer than the one above but poor Brad did not look good in that one and I would definitely not want to embarrass him.

The next day we walked along the beach and then of course made a last minute trip to Orlando.
Malls, Chillis and Downton Disney, a great ending to a great weekend.

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