Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Popsicles, Lollipops and Red Hot Cheetos

OH MY!!!

You may be wondering what these random three things have in common.
It happens to be a little thing called Red Dye #4o and it is by far not my favorite thing.

Well it used to be a daily part of my life, until about three months ago.

I came down with a random fever but no other symptoms. Then my lip started swelling, followed by my face and then it began to be a chore to swallow.
Went to the emergency room and the doctor man said that I probably had an allergy to ibuprofen (or however you spell it).

The next day however I had four popsicles and my face turned as red as a stop sign and my face swelled up. We have a winner!!!!


  • When I was about a year old my parents gave some cough syrup with red dye in it. I was up for 24 hours. ( When I ate the popsicles I felt like I was on a crazy rollercoaster of energy. )
  • The first time I had a red icee. . . HA. It was exorcist vomiting to no end.
  • The sad thing is, or should I say the happy thing is, that after those two events I never really had any other reactions.
  • I stayed away from red icees and fruit punch. I even avoided red snow cones.
  • Did I mention my favorite flavor of everything is cherry? Cherry stuff is usually red, makes sense.

*Back to Now*

So yeah, I haven't had anything with red dye# 40 in it for about 3 months now.
I have been going to the allergist, and so far we have ruled out an allergy to penicillin.
Next Tuesday is the moment of truth. I will find out next week if I am actually allergic or if my body was just beyond screwed up.

I would now like to take a moment to honor a few of my fallen snacks:
I surely do miss my cherry tootsie pops. I actually told my allergist I am going to be bringing along a lollipop to test with my popsicles. If it's gonna be my last lollipop I am going to enjoy it while there is someone there who can help with the swelling and closing of my throat.

Gummi Bears are great road trip snacks, especially when bought at Cracker Barrel.
My recent trips have been minus a few good friends sadly.
M&MS!!!!! I have actually tried the blue ones and nothing happened, but it is kind of pointless to buy a whole bag just for the blue ones.
(I even had to change my amazing cookie recipe and had to use chocolate chips instead of M&Ms. Christmas is coming quickly and I am known for my amazing green and red M&M cookies, such a sad sad day it will be when m cookies are not full of Christmas cheer.)
It's still 90 degrees almost every day. A frozen popsicle would sure be nice.

Sprinkles don't even need an explanation.

I can eat fresh cherries, but maraschino cherries are just so much more delicious.

What is Christmas without candy canes? I am obsessed with Christmas and it would be a tragedy to loose these precious stripped canes of candy.

Snow White

About a week before my birthday something not so sweet happened.
Snow White got into a fender bender.
We happened to be in stop and go traffic.

No I was not texting, haha. I got that question quite a lot. It just happened.
Poor Michelle, I think I scared her from ever riding with me again.

Poor Snow White. She had to have some plastic surgery.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Disney Day 4

(My personal favorite!)

The first thing that we did when we got to the park was to take castle pictures. This was my first set of castle pictures ever.

We got to do ever ride that we wanted to, and its been so long that I really don't the exact run down of the day.

However I did get to see my first show at the castle.

Even Minnie got to be a princess.

Mickey's waving at me!!!

Then it was my favorite part of every Disney trip, WISHES!
The castle before Wishes filled the sky. Magical is really all I have to say. I have the Wishes soundtrack on my ipod. I listen to it all the time and know almost every single word.

Here is a video of wishes I found on youtube. Man is it worth it.

My 2010 Disney trip was absolutely fabulous!