Monday, June 28, 2010

DIsney Day 3

I apparently am not good at doing things in a timely manner :)

I haven't blogged in over a month, but now I am quickly trying to play catch up!

Day 3!

(Look at my cute dress I got at City Walk!)

We got there and of course the first ride we went on was Soarin'.
After Soarin' we decided to head over to the Land which is located in the same building. The Land is a water ride that takes you through the gardens to show all of the different vegetables being grown.
After the Land and Soarin' we headed over to the Finding Nemo ride and the aquariums.

After this Ashley and Jordan decided to head over to Mission Space. Brittany and I decided to sit that one out, so we went over to Test Track and got our fast passes. After the fast passes we got some icees and decided to hang out in the shade.

Ashley and Jordan finished up there ride and then we decided to head to Test Track.
After Test Track we headed over to the the big ball to go on Spaceship Earth! What a nice and relaxing ride.

Then after Spaceship Earth we decided to head over to start visiting the countries!
Our first country was Mexico.


Fiesta Time!!!!
While we were in Mexico we went on the little Mexican ride, I don't remember what it is called.

Then we headed to over to Norway and the Malestrom.
The Malestrom is this cute little ride.

Then we headed over to China and watched the 360 degree China movie.

After that we skipped over Germany and headed start to Italy.
While we were in Italy we caught the most hilarious mime show.
Then we headed over to the Good Ole United States of America.
The best thing about America, the funnel cakes and the blue raspberry icees.

Then we skipped over Japan and Morocco, and headed to France, where I met up with a couple of friends. . .
Belle and the Beast!

At this point it began to rain, so we decided to go watch a show. However we all were really tired and decided we wanted to leave.

Bad decision . . . it began POURING! We had to run in the rain all the way to The United Kingdom. While we were in the U.K. we decided to shop around a bit.
It finally stopped raining and we decided to head back to hotel.
We were going to come back for the fireworks show, but in the end we were just so tired we stayed at the hotel.

Our final day in Disney . . . Magic Kingdom.