Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lately !

These are some pictures from my life lately <3

Freezing our behinds off while cheering for those lady rams!
Just call me Coach!

I make an adorable Easter bunny !

Easter morning at church with darling dear Bethany. My hair was obviously a mess but it was okay because Jesus is risen!

Fun trip to the mall with Ruth, Mary and Britt.
All dolled up and looking cute for the free local country concert. My boots are my favorite accessory, I heart them!

I am a GATOR fan and sadly Michelle is a GEORGIA fan. It can sometimes be a love/hate relationship. I love her anyways !

My baby girl, she goes by Snow White. Yes I did name her, thank you very much. Her name at first was Swifty, but I think Snow White fits her much better.

P.S. Snow White is going to be getting her very own blog post soon about a recent experience. Lets just say hold onto your seatbelt folks!

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