Friday, May 28, 2010

Disney Day 2


We got there and went directly to go on our first ride, the Great Movie Ride!
It is the cheesiest ride ever but I absolutely love it. I love seeing all the different movies.

After that ride we headed over towards Rockin Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. We got our handy dandy fastpasses for Rockin Roller Coaster and then decided to go wait in line for Tower of Terror.

Here is Ashley, me and Britt waiting in the Tower of Terror line!
Such a fun ride!

After Tower of Terror we headed over to the The Drew Carey sound show thing.
We were wasting some time before Rockin Roller Coaster.
After that we decided to go watch Beauty and the Beast!
It was absolutely adorable, it is definitely my favorite Disney movie. Belle is also my favorite princess.

After the show we headed over to Rockin Roller Coaster, got to love those fastpasses. I was so nervous! It was the first time since 6th grade I had been on the ride. So we pretty much had no wait and off we went. It takes off so fast, it took my breath away. However I semi kept my eyes open the whole time. We got off and I was a teeny tiny dizzy. After we got outside it was like a 10 minute so we decided to go on it again! This time I kept my eyes open the whole time!

After Rockin we went back and did Tower of Terror again. Then we headed over towards Toy Story Mania. It was 180 minute wait, so horrible, we decided against that one. So we headed over to the Backlot Tour.

We turned around the corner of one the parts of the tour and I freaked out . . .
it was the chicken coop from the Hannah Montana movie! I know I am a loser but I was so excited.

After we went on the Backlot Tour we decided to head over to Lights, Motors, Action stunt show. I had always heard about the show but had never been.

Britt and I were a little bored before the show started.

It was a CRAZY amazing show.

After the show we headed over to Indiana Jones stunt show, it was pretty good as usual.

Then we headed over to the amphitheater to wait in line for Fantasmic!
We got there an hour early, that we had heard was the best time to get there.

Here is me, Britt and Ashley waiting in line, being all weird.

Ashley took this amazing picture -

Finally the gates were opened and man was it a long walk.
We finally made it and had a whole hour to waste before the show started.

This wasn't even the whole place, this was about half the size.
By the end of the night the whole entire amphitheater was doing the wave back and forth. It was hilarious.

Finally it was time for the show, and it was so good. Half of the show was projected on water that was being shot into the air. It really was FANTASMIC!

After the show we headed out back to the park. Ashley and Jordan ended the night on Tower of Terror while Britt and I relaxed.

We also ran into our new best friends, who were 12, very annoying and we just so happened to see them everyday for the rest of the trip.
We then headed back to the hotel after we got some McDonalds and Taco Bell.

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