Friday, May 28, 2010

Disney Day 1


We left at around six in the morning. Almost had to turn around thirty minutes into our trip because Britt lost her contact. However she just decided to wear glasses. Then Jordan's glasses broke :( . Ashley and I had to be the eyes for our group. The trip down was quick and fun. Yay for animal crackers and Disney music the whole 2 hour trip! We got to our hotel and then it was officially . . .

Our first day at Disney, how exciting! We got to Animal Kingdom and off we went to Mount Everest. 20 minute wait you betcha thats good. After that we headed off to the little kid section. We went on the little kid ride which happens to be the scariest ride/most fun ride ever.

Then we headed over to Dino Land USA!
We met up with a new friend.
Then we told our new dinosaur friend goodbye and headed to the Dinosaur ride. I HATE this ride, so I definitely kept my eyes closed the WHOLE time.

We then headed over towards the Safari ride, with a quick pit stop at the ICEE booth!

The Safari ride wait was the longest wait of the whole trip, it was about 40 minutes long.
Here is Britt and I on the Safari ride!
After the Safari ride we headed over to the Tree of Life. On our way there we met the monkey from The Jungle Book. This was the first character I have ever had my picture taken with!
[ I always grew up being COMPLETELY scared of these giant stuffed animals. However I think I am starting to like them :). ]

Speaking of liking my new best friends . . .

Its Pooh! It was the cutest thing when you walk up he hugs you and then gives you a kiss on the cheek and he makes the cutest MWAH sound. Pooh was definitely my favorite. How could you not love that tub of sweet honey? haha

Eeyore was just so darn cute.
Don't you just love my Minnie ears? They became a permanent accessory and received loads of looks and compliments.

T - I - Double Grr - ER
AKA Tigger

We finally made it to the Tree of Life, we had some french fries and onion rings. We got glared at and almost attacked by about 5 different birds and then headed over to the Bug's Life show.

After this we headed over to Camp Mickey/Minnie. I never realized that this place was so big. It is like a whole other park inside Animal Kingdom.

By the way it was the afternoon and the sun was beating down and we were dying of heat stroke, so The Festival of the Lion King it was!
Not only was it inside that chilling air condition room but it was a GREAT show !

Each set of bleachers got to be a different animal, we got to be with Simba, we were the lions.
These monkey men were crazy! They were flinging themselves and each other all over the place. The even had a girl they threw in the air and she spun around like a bird! CRAZY!

We left the show and headed to the river rapid ride. On the way there we ran into the end of the parade. We got to walk behind it and it felt like I was in the parade. It is probably the closest I will ever get to being in one. haha
I opted out of the rapid ride and opted in for another ICEE.

After the rapids the park was pretty much closing down so we headed back to the hotel.

Now our hotel was not a Disney hotel. However our hotel offered a bus that would pick you up and take you to the transportation center where you could then take another bus to the park of your choice. The morning went pretty smooth, the bus was a few minutes late, but beggars can't be choosers, so no big deal.

On the way back to the hotel . . . BIG DEAL! WE WERE ON THE BUS FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF. We went to all four parks. We had standing room only and that was filling up quickly. There was no air conditioning on this so called bus and the bus was also falling apart. Luckily we had seats, but everyone was fading fast. Babies were crying, I was almost crying, it was bad.
Let's just say I drove to the rest of the parks for the rest of the trip.

For dinner that night we went to Universal City Walk. I bought a pretty dress. We then had dinner at Hard Rock! I had the BEST fruit drink EVERRR, so good!
We took a quick walk around to all the shops and then headed back to the hotel.
We took showers and then straight up passed out from our wonderful first day in Disney World!

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