Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rain Makes Corn, Corn Makes Whiskey . . .

A couple of months ago Britt and I headed out to Macon Georgia to see Luke Bryan in concert.

We were welcomed in good southern style.

On the way to Macon. I had a fever pretty much the whole week before we were supposed to leave and most of the trip. As you can tell from the above picture, the fever must have made me loopy.
On the way to the concert!

Welcome to the Farm Tour 2010!

Driving to our parking spot in the middle of a random field.


Oh how I love me some Luke Bryan. A great voice and VERY attractive.
I'll never forget screaming Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets at the top of my lungs. The little girl who sat a couple rows in front of us who was so excited to be there and couldn't sit still.

I'll also never forget getting lost after our late night trip to Walmart.
Britt: " Do you know where the closest McDonalds is?"
Gas Station attendant: " I have no idea, I don't think there is one close. By the way you look very pretty tonight."
Britt:" Thanks....."

And then the next light up, there was a McDonalds.
We had kind of already decided that we wanted to go the next day to Atlanta for a couple of hours.

Stone Mountain!
I'll never forget on the trip to Atlanta from Macon, Britt and I went on a search for some peaches. Her mom had asked her to get some real Georgia peaches. We thought this would be pretty easy. Our first exit happened to be completely deserted and definitely did not have a peach stand. Our next exit had a stand but it hadn't been opened in what seemed like hundreds of years. Although that same exact we ran into a waterfall, it was so pretty.

I'll never forget how we splurged on the everything meal at Olive Garden. Virgins Strawberry Daiquiris, an appetizer and then our meals!

I'll never forget making a special trip to the really fancy mall just to get some pecan pralines.

I'll never forget driving around and looking at all the pretty houses.

I'll never forget how we were supposed to leave at 5 or 6. We left more towards 9.

I will never forget that creepy gas station with the Church's Chicken attached that was open at like midnight.

I'll never forget our midnight stop at Walmart in our pjs.

I will DEFINITELY not forget mustang boy :)

I'll never forget how long that 6 hour ride home felt and how delirious we were by the end of it. I was naming as many Disney characters from random movies and singing Disney songs as loud as possible.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend . . .

Or as us Florida fans would call it Florida/Georgia weekend.

I spent my weekend in Savannah with my mother.
We went shopping, took a carriage ride and ran into plenty of interesting people dressed up in scary costumes. We even had a small stop in my new favorite city Charleston.

The sprinkles on top of my already amazing weekend were my two teams winning in the best sport ever.
My Gators and my Jags!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

(even though technically it is wednesday.)

The topic for this Tuesday is your top two dream kitchens.



Mac Hospital

My poor Mac is in the hospital. I go to pick her up tomorrow and hopefully she is all better and isn't feeling so gross anymore.

Carly Anne Driscoll
May 24, 1991 - September 9, 2010

You were loved by so many people and touched so many lives
I do miss you.
You will always have a special place in my heart.
I will always remember that you were at one point in my life one of my best friends.
I'll think of you every time I hear Good Charlotte and Yellowcard.
Benji was always yours and Joel was always mine.
You helped me realize that I loved to write.
In a way you helped me find a piece of who I am.
When I think of daisies I think of you.
When I think about Harry Potter I think of you.
You were always so excited to here about my boy stories even though they were beyond lame.
I still go back and read all the myspace messages and comments.
I'll always remember my christmas party and I still wear the pink pj pants that have reindeers on them when it gets cold.
I am really glad I got to see you before you left, I am glad I got to see you after you left. You looked amazing.
I know you are in heaven.
I now know that I have someone else watching down making sure I am doing okay.

and you were the most gorgeous bald girl ever :)

( I didn't know how to make this a clickable link but I wanted to give some sort of recognition to the photographer.)

Three Parks, Three Visits and Two Weekends

Confusing I know, trust me I lived it.

The parks were Disney, Universal and Islands of Adventure.

My mom and I went to Orlando for the weekend of Labor Day. We ended up staying in a Disney hotel just because we could even though we weren't planning on going to the parks.
It was mainly a shopping trip.

However one night at dinner my mom brought up the extra magic hours that our are given when you stay in a Disney hotel. She had barely gotten through asking me if I wanted to go before I finished my food and was ready to leave. So we ordered the tickets, paid the check and away we went to my favorite place on earth.

I didn't take a lot of picture this night so there are just a few.

The Hall of Presidents, trust me I know I am lame.

The Castle!

Walt Disney and how it all started, Mickey Mouse.

The next weekend I had made plans to go with my dad to go to Night of Joy and Rock the Universe. These are christian concerts held were the parks of closed down just for the event people. The rides are open and there are a bunch of concerts obviously,

Night of Joy happens at Magic Kingdom, we went there Friday night.

On the highway, almost there.

We made it to Disney World, Where Dreams Come True

We were so sad on Dumbo because our elephant wouldn't fly up and down.

But then it was all better because we realized we were in WALT DISNEY WORLD!

Dumbo and I

One of my favorite quotes made by Walt Disney himself.

My Buzz Lightyear score. I beat my dad and Brittany!

While we were there Britt also had her first turkey leg ever and I got to have a blue raspberry icee and I didn't die of allergic reaction!

We had decided that if we were going to be going to Universal the next night that we would have a free day, so Britt and I decided we HAD to go to Islands of Adventure just so we could see Harry Potter world.

Hogsmeade in the flesh!

Platform 9 3/4 here I come!

The candy shop, HONEYDUKES!!!

The Castle from a little distance!

Up close and personal!!!

It was absolutely amazing. We ended up going on the big Harry Potter ride. We waited in line for over an hour, but it was so worth it. Not only was the ride fun but the wait was too. We told Harry, Ron and Hermione goodbye and headed to the other parts of the park.
We went on the The Cat in the Hat ride. Then we went on the Spiderman Ride.

After that we decided to head on over to Universal.
We went on the Nickelodeon ride and the saw Shrek 4D.
Then we headed over to Mummy and then Jaws.
I literally kept my eyes closed the whole time on Jaws.
Then we went on Men and Black.
Britt and I went on The Simpson Ride.
Then we all went on E.T.

After that we ended up leaving early because my dad left his debit card at Cracker Barrel. We decided to just head home shortly after that. We were all pretty exhausted.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daytona Beach

My friend Brittany and I decided we just had to see Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker.
Thankfully they were headed to Daytona Beach,
We ordered tickets and I booked my first hotel under my own name.

What can you expect with two teenage girls on a weekend trip out of town?
Apparently brownies, cereal, ipods and two extremely large and unnecessary drinks.

On our way there!

Daytona, we are here!

The first hotel I have every booked under my name, not too shabby.

Our view, we got an free upgrade haha.

H20 Tour!

Darius Rucker live and in person. It was my second time seeing him live.

Water :)

Our seats were pretty amazing. We had floor seat and they were the last ones on the floor. However they arena was pretty small so our seats turned out perfect.
Towards the end of the concert we were standing there singing along. All of the sudden Brad had moved out into the crowd. Then this little cowboy hat seemed to be getting closer and closer. Then all of the sudden Brad Paisley was running by me, less than a foot away. OH MY GOODNESS. I was absolutely speechless and had no idea what to do. Do I reach out and touch him? I decided no on that one, just a little creepy.
It was absolutely hilarious. At this point my feet were tired, so my boots were off and I was standing there in my grandaddy socks that were underneath my boots.
Britt was of course screaming, OH MY GOSH MY CAMERA ISN'T READY!!! IT ISN'T TAKING PICTURES. We were a sight to see.
Thankfully Britts camera decided to cooperate and we ended up getting some up close pictures.
We got some closer than the one above but poor Brad did not look good in that one and I would definitely not want to embarrass him.

The next day we walked along the beach and then of course made a last minute trip to Orlando.
Malls, Chillis and Downton Disney, a great ending to a great weekend.