Friday, November 20, 2009


School is good for a few things, one of them happens to be that sometimes an assignment can make you realize something you may not have really known.
We had to do an assignment for class on the American Dream. You had to find an article and then summarize it. Then you had to tell what your view of the American Dream is.

My idea of the American Dream has really changed over my rather short and inexperienced life. I went from wanting the newest cell phone every time it came out, to the most expensive jacket that wasn't worth the hassle. I am now content with just being in the moment. The American Dream to me is not based on the riches of your wallet. To me it is those smiles and approving glances of my parents and family, it is the laughing so hard it hurts moments with my friends and the little hugs and kisses I get from the sweetest kids that I work with at my church. All I want out of my future life is to be happy, I want to feel like I didn't waste one moment. The American Dream to me is that faithful husband, those healthy kids, that golden puppy, that family that is always there, and God to watch over me. Money and looking better than the next person is last on my list.

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