Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I just don't know a title for this post.

Well we just got done with the wedding for 2009, Andrew (my cousin) and Amber's (my new cousin) wedding.
Flew to Michigan two weeks ago for the actual wedding, hometown reception was on Sunday.

I don't really feel like going into complete detail about it. But there was a couple things that I do want to share.

1. To be completely honest, I am so tired of love. Everyone has someone to be theirs and I'm tired of not being one of those people. I'll be honest and admit, I'm 18 and never had a boyfriend. I can say I am proud of this, but at the same time, pretty much everyone I know has someone. But I won't settle and that's the bottom line and I'll wait. But another bottom line is, that it sucks haha. (Even though I am pretty sure you can't have more than one bottom line.)
So seeing everyone in love, made me kinda sad, but to an extent it gave me a lot of hope, and something, oh so wonderful, to look forward to.
2. I am not outgoing, the end. So when it was time to dance at the wedding I so wanted to but I didn't. The whole night I kept saying I want Andrew to ask me to dance. I just wanted to dance. He did and it was so much fun, I can't wait for pictures. We laughed and smiled the whole time and to tell you the truth I think I will always remember that. I think its a moment I will always treasure.
3. There was a slide show and there was a song in it, the father/daughter dance was also to this song. I think the sand ceremony was also to it, but I don't remember.
So all those things in Michigan, plus the slide show another time.
Then at the reception, the slide show on loop in one room and the ceremony and reception on loop in another, I heard a lot of this song.
I've fallen in love with it. It makes me teary-eyed, if I don't cry, every time I listen to it. (Knowing the background story makes it even more emotional.)
I oh so wish my future daughter and husband will have the relationship that is described in this song.
And so since you can tell I love this song, here is the song and the music video for your listening and watching pleasure.
Don't cry too hard.

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