Thursday, August 20, 2009

High School

I start college in less than two weeks. I never realized I would miss high school so bad.
I've known my three best friends since middle school, and now we are going to college.
Over the four years in high school we added two more girls to our group, Lauren (I MISS YOU!!!!) and Brittany.
From my best friends, to Shagef, to my yearbook girls with our talks on the couch, to the boys in TK. (My car and Jamie's car were even best friends! Pt Cruiser Club!) Senior year was AMAZING!
I want to do it all over again.

Here are some pictures from, not just senior year but, all the way at the beginning.


Al's with the yearbook girls :)

Pep rally
Senior trip to Busch Gardens
Group of us at Busch Gardens
Homecoming and the Frannie Sandwich <3Girls at homecoming.
Senior week! Amazing crowns, everyone loved them.
Pep rally, me and Stephanie!
St. Auggie with Trey.
Junior Prom, Olive Garden, Michelle is the Best Prom Dater EVER !
Tommy, Rachel's son, he's three years old now!
Sleepover, one of many.
Ruth was so sick, laying on my bed!
SAVI CIRCLE, this is the oldest picture on here.
Math class, you can tell we didn't do a lot of work :)
Concessions for volleyball, soccer and softball :(
Disney Trip with my dad and the four of us. From our looks to boy clocks.
Junior year yearbook, me and Michelle.
AP Human Geography, don't think there was a test we didn't talk the whole way through.
On the way to Grad Bash, Jess was my bus buddy. We stuck wheat thins down our shirts and played BS the whole time, I rocked :)
Wittle Clayton, the Freshman we all loved. As you can tell I am ecstatic.
Yearbook girls, with our hilarious talks and the couch. Brenda, oh how I miss you!
Senior Prom, with Rochelle.
Senior Prom :)

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