Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 x the fun !

So today just needed a post because it was just so much fun!

Today is Sunday, obviously. Like I have said before I work in the nursery at my church, and today was promotion sunday.
Our little one year olds left us and broke my heart, and we got the little bitty 3 month olds that scare me.

First off , background story time. Two years ago we had a set of triplets. S, J, and C (She's the princess.). Oh they stole my heart. I have kept in contact ever since, my mom and I have gone into their rooms and stayed to help a lot. I even started going by myself on Sunday nights to help. ( They even came to my graduation party, a day early :). )

Well today I was walking to my room, and there were the Trips in line for the elevator to go to the third floor, oh my goodness. I almost burst into tears. My babes were all grown up and gone, I couldn't just walk down the hall to them anymore.

Well, walked into my class and all that and here comes those little squishy babies, I don't like them haha. I just think I am going to drop them. Well I had a little girl I was holding and BURP! down my smock. To tell you the truth, I was okay. I had been spit up on before, just not in a long time.

More background info, I want to be a mom and all, like that is my dream. But I am trying to postpone diaper changes as long as possible, especially poopy ones. Just not my cup of tea. I also don't change boys. I once heard some one talk about her reason for not changing boy diapers and its now my new motto . . . I'm not married yet, I can't see that.

Well I do changed a little girl today, not my first, done a lot of them actually. Well the diaper came off, and she just peed everywhere. Yeah . . .

I didn't freak out, I was so proud of myself, haha. Finished changing the diaper, completely sanitized like 3 times, and like soaked myself in hand sanitizer.

Then I was just hanging around in the baby room, and Mrs. D, came up.

Mrs.D : Frannie
Me: Yes?
Mrs.D : Can you do me a favor?
Me: Sure. . .
Mrs.D : Would you mind going to the tripl. . .
Me: (Ready to go.) READY!

So she walked me up there, and aw what a great day. S saw me when I came in the room and came running over.

Just, they are amazing kids. All you here is upiess, meaning pick me up. They are talking so much.
C: (Takes me by the hand) M no soooeees on.
Me: Well then we need to fix that.
C: (Leads me to the diaper bags.)
Me: Oh no, they are under the table.
C: We need to go help him, sooooess.

Although this is all said not so well and in very cute baby talk.
My ongoing goal as been operation Trips know me by name haha.

So one down, three to go.

Me: What's my name?
S: Fannie

Sometimes it doesn't always come out Fannie, occasionally its Bannie, but hey its close enough.

At one point C came over sat in my lap and then turned around and just put her head on my shoulder, and almost fell asleep.

J just smiles at you and you are just in heaven, well they all do that.

It was circle time haha. Yeah right . . .
Not a good idea.

J was sitting on S. I was sitting on the floor.

S: Lap?( Points at me.)
Me: No, you need to sit in big boy chair.

C: Lap. (Pats her legs)
Me: You want me to sit in your lap C?
C: Lap (Pats again)
Me: But I would squish you.

They all got their lap time.
And I got my kisses.
J and his perfect MWAH sounded kiss. C and her kiss where she doesn't even touch you, so proper, and S not even a real kiss, just slobber.

After this, went to lunch with my dad at Cracker Barrell. Then the traditional Rita's Ice afterwards.

Rita Ice Guy With Moustache: Who's ready for college?
Me: NO

Then tonight, being the bad girl I am, I didn't got to church. Instead, Mary and I made a sign and welcomed Kaitlynn home from Virginia. YAYYY!!!
Went to Chillis for dinner, our waiter reminded me of the lead singer from Rascal Flatts.

My bad, that was pretty long. Hahaha.

S: Fannie this sooo heavy.

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