Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arizona, well sort of . . .

Well that Arizona post, this is about all its gonna get. When I got back from Arizona, I was definitely not in the mood to do a post, and I was just waiting for the day when I would feel energized and ready to get at it.

That day still hasn't come . . . so I'm just going to quickly re-cap it minus pictures.

Left home at about 11? on TUESDAY the 14th. Got to Arizona, met Britt's grandparents (Did I mention they are the sweetest?) We then went to their house and hung out. We went swimming in their 5 foot pool, that is so my kind of pool haha. We went out to dinner that night at an italian place where I had a yummy calzone.
WEDNESDAY, I think we went to the Arizona Museum and that was pretty fun, after that was Costco. This is when my mother called to inform me that my step cousin Michael was now engaged. Another wedding. Yay!
THURSDAY. It was THE day I had been looking forward to for months. THE GRAND CANYON!!!! The first time I had ever been and I loved every minute. On the way there we ate breakfast at this cute little down home place. We also passed Fred Flinstone and Bedrock! That was pretty exciting also.

Did I mention I love MOUNTAINS?!?!?!?! BECAUSE I DO.
And that is all that is out there.

FRIDAY was outlet mall, American eagle sweatpants and a tube top for like 20$. My kind of place. Also saw the new Harry Potter, amazing movie by the way.
SATURDAY . . . ohhh the Heard Museum. Its a Native American museum. Got to see Native American dancers, well dance. Also got to look at a bunch of cool artwork. Came home and played dominos, my new favorite game.
SUNDAY, was the flea market, so not my cup of tea. Then followed by and amazing mall of which I could go to every day. I bought a new dress for the wedding next week.
Then my mom called and instead of happy news, it was not good. My uncle Paul had been taking down a mirror and it shattered, happening to cut him very badly in the process. I was freaked out. It was not a good feeling and I think to a point only my family knows how I felt.
While on waited on more info I distracted myself with Forever 21. So amazing. I literally tried on the whole store and came out with two shirts but they are pretty darling. Bought a new necklace and some for my best friends back home.
My mom called again to update and at first it was starting to sound bad, and I didn't want to be all the way across the country. We started looking into flights.

Well everything started to come out that he was doing better and that he was stable and it would be best for me to finish my trip.

MONDAY, we went shopping again. Hollister was my best friend this time.
Played more dominos and swam, pretty much like everyday.
But now that the idea of home was there, that was all that I wanted. I was so homesick.

TUESDAY we literally sat around all day.

Plane rides were fine, loved the guy who watched my fight movie over my shoulder the whole time, what a cutie.
Then I was finally home! Got off the plane and saw my mom walked over and hugged her.

Now my friends had told me they were at a show for our friend Will.
But then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sign and my friends! And I literally squealed in the middle of the airport, beyond ecstatic.

That was Arizona, a pretty great and amazing trip!

THURSDAY night after I got home, was the very waited on Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker concert. It was amazing!!!!!! Great seats!!!! Darius was so good, and Rascal, wow is the only thing I have to say. The get better and better every time I see them.

Next plane ride, a week from today. Michigan here I come. Going up there for my cousin's wedding. Hoping to meet a cute little amish boy that will fall in love with me ;).
I better have some good pictures from that trip. I'm gonna look cute with my new dress and
my cowgirl boots. You bet I am wearing them, probably every single day.

Tomorrow hopefully doing a post on a very deeply missed friend, who I get to see soon :)!

Night Ya'll !

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