Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th ! You Go America :)

Well not much has been going on with me lately, lots of hanging out with the friends. Lots of late nights and even later mornings, not a good thing haha.

Hmmmm, so 4th of July was fun.

It consisted of hanging out at Grandaddy's house. My mom, Aunt and Paul, Britt tagged along and Laura and Scott, the out of town visitors, Barbara also joined us.
Ate a lot of cookies, and made myself some Easy Mac while everyone else ate hot dogs and burgers. I am what you could say a picky eater. I did contribute though, I sautéed some onions and peppers, yay me!

We even made home made vanilla ice cream, yum. I had sprinkles!

After talking, card games and food, we headed down to the golf course for the special fireworks, hosted by the neighborhood. Lots of cute little families, kids playing with kids, and red, white, and blue.
We spread out our blanket and got down to firework watching. Man they were gorgeous. BIG, LOUD and JUST AMAZING!
Sadly the fireworks ended and I was forced to go home.

Well that day we had bought about $30 to $40 dollars of fireworks, and we didn't get to use one.
So July 5th came around and Mary, Kaitlynn, Ruth, Michelle and I got down to lighting things on fire. Sparklers to Pop Its, flashing light up things to some old illegal fireworks our neighbor had given us a LONGGGG time ago.

Pretty Pretty Pretty

Kaitlynn is a pro at making hearts.

And this is my lousy attempt at heart. Apparently I didn't move my arms fast enough or in a good heart shape.

Me and Kait in my driveway, I wear my boots on any occasion I am able to.

Great, not only 4th but 5th of July.

7 days until my trip to Arizona, I get to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, UBER excited!

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