Friday, June 26, 2009

Whirlwind of a Day!

Today, I woke up a little too late.
I didn't think anything would be different about it.
Was I wrong? You bet!

Well my friend Mary came over, and we headed down to my mom's office so I could deposit money into my bank account.

We did this and then when we were getting on the elevator to go downstairs to leave, we had a horrible surprise.
We got in the elevator and as soon as the doors closed, we started going upstairs. We hadn't pushed any buttons. At first no big deal.
We were headed to level 19. Then when we reached there the doors didn't open.
We tried pushing a button. It didn't work.

We both began to panic. Seriously.
Finally after about a minute I pushed the level 20 button. It went up and the doors opened.

Mary and I both in somewhat of a panic, calmly rushed off the elevator.
We took the stairs down to my mom's office, where we gushed our story to anyone who would listen.
We did take the elevator downstairs, I did not hold onto my mom like a little baby.

The whole way to lunch, Mary and I were in complete silence. haha.

I almost didn't have an appetite at lunch, but it was okay, I managed.

We ate, got icees, and then headed home.
When we got home we started watching 13 Going on 30. (We just wanted to watch the dancing part to Thriller.)

Well then Mary got a phone call, it was her mom. She said that there was a really bad storm and possible tornados.
So, smart me, decided to open the door and look outside, and across the street, through the trees, I saw
A TORNADO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Well letter we found out it was a water spout, but still!!!!! We didn't know it at the time.)
So Mary, my dogs and I, later joined by my dad hunkered down in the middle of the house.
I mentioned in my previous post how my grandmother let me watch Night of Twisters as a child.

Today I said "Darn you grandmother". haha

I was to say, at the least majorly freaked out. I sat on the floor of the closet pretty much the whole time.
There was only that water spout, that I know of. BUT lots of rain and SCARY lightning.

Well the storm finally passed and very little to no damage was caused.
Scary but I was safe.

Today did have a bright side, I saw The Proposal, and it was laugh out loud hilarious!

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