Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VBS Day 3:
Well lets just say out of our five kids only one had a nap, so you can imagine the fussing. haha
My baby friend B didn't come today, but I made a new friend E. She took over B's job very well.
Had my free snow cone for the day.

The dreaded doctors appointment, well it was even more dreadful when I got there. The doctor looked and decided that the mole wasn't that big of a deal. She did however decide she wanted to take it of, I however decided I was against this. I was close to a breaking point and was not in the mood. So we are going to schedule it for another day (yeah keep dreaming).

I am watching World's Tallest Children and enjoying every minute of it.

Tomorrow consists of VBS Day 4, possibly seeing Laura (my cousin) when she is in town, and finally packing for:

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