Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sugarland and The B52s

Lets just say they might have changed my life tonight with their performance at the CMT awards, I do not remember the last time a song made me that excited! haha

VBS=Vacation Bible School

VBS Day 1:
It consisted of one year olds crying, and then deciding food is a much better route than just that there screaming. Let me just say ferocious eaters much? I made a friend today B. She liked to cry every time I moved/put her down/thought about moving or putting her down. Yeah....
But overall good day.

Only bad thing is I took not just 1 but 2 naps and lets just say that is not like me, and not a good thing. If I nap, I therefore cant sleep and stay up late, and it just turns into a big bad ugly cycle.
So by the end of the week lets just say, I might just be sleep walking to VBS.

VBS Day 2:
I'm just overly exhausted with sore arms, but those blue snow cones are so worth it. I guess those cutie patooties that I happen to be taking care of are pretty worth it too.
I am bringing socks at some point this week to go down the 22 foot slide (don't be surprised if I talk myself out of it, I do this a lot)
I will admit it, I didn't believe those little kid songs would be stuck in my head. Lets just say I was walking to my car in the parking garage, singing a little tune.

Lunch with Britt at my one and only Chilli's. My friends and I literally live there, one of the waitresses actually knows my exact order. Because I would never order the kids mac&cheese with fries every time I go. No Not Me! haha
But today not only did Britt and I indulge in our usual chips and salsa and our normal meals, but we did something so crazy, so wild, wow.
We got the chocolate chip, cookie pie, ice cream, nuts, carmel disaster. And what a great but very unhealthy disaster it is.


Lauren Mary Kaitlynn Me Ruth

I also miss Michelle, who is not in this photo, and apparently we don't take enough pictures together.

Lauren and Ruth both live out of town, so I ALWAYS miss them.
Mary and Kaitlynn on the other hand, we are together a lot.
But because of VBS and other things, I probably wont get to see much of them at all.
Very sad, and Kaitlynn is going to be gone all next week too :( !

Ok, I am completely exhausted. I'm up late and I have VBS again tomorrow bright and early.
Dermatologist appointment also, wish me luck.
( I am so NOT looking forward to this.)

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