Sunday, June 21, 2009

I just finished watching the gymnastics move Stick It, and let me tell you that it made me so excited for the 2012 summer Olympics !
Favorite event ever in my favorite city ever (London) woah daanngg!!!
I wish it was 2012, so I could watch the USA women's gymnaastics team beat some serious behind, watch the druggie that is Michael Phelps win every single race and be completely enthralled with it. I also would love to just watch those nice looking muscular men, diving of diving boards and hanging from those rings :p.
Who knows maybe I'll just have to take a visit.

This picture from my previous post has nothing to do with my trip! HAHAHA
I did not, repeat DID NOT go on that ride, my dad did though.

Here are some photos that were taken:

This was the Friday night, we got to the hotel, took the ferry boat over and got to riding rides.
We had these handy little express passes, and they were so worth it! All weekend we didn't have to wait longer than 20 minutes for every ride.
Friday night we only had about two hours, so we rode The Mummy, Men in Black, and the Simpsons.

That night we got room service and I went swimming while Britt sat and watched. Then I convinced her to go on the water slide with me. It was pretty fun.

Hard Rock, pretty self explanatory with the whole obvious Elvis in lights.
This was located in the lobby, whhich happened to also be the best place to find . . . lets say great scenery.

This was breakfast, yay for chocalate muffins.

Perfect timing :).

Outside my favorite candy shop, it sure was a delicious lollipop.
This was taken after going on two water rides and being completely soaked.

This was supposed to go up yesterday but just did not work out, I was sick.
Tonight Jon and Kate announced their divorce, not surprised but upset. They were my favorite for a long time, I still love those kids to death!

Big storm came through tonight, and man it was horrible, wind blowing, rain everywhere. A BIGGGGG tree branch feel down next door, knocking out some of our power.
Watched the first Transformers tonight. AMAZING! Can't wait to see the new one.
This was a pretty long post, so lets end it here.

Happy Belated Father's Day to this guy :

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