Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Short and Sweet!

As you can tell I changed the page around, colorwise.

Can you tell I like BRIGHT colors, and that my favorite color is and forever will be PINK !!!!

Haha. Well anyways, hadn't posted anything in a little, nothing really exciting going on.

BUT . . .

Ruth is in town!!!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!!!! So excited. She will be here for a while, just like the good old days.
Hung out doing random things around town. Then went with Ruth, Kait, and Ruth's dad to The Loop. Mary came too!
I miss the original fam, sometimes :( .
Did I mention a of bunch of cuties pulled up in their nice truck and camo hats. mmmm haha.

Ate french fries, a cookie and drank a vanilla shake, nutritious you bet.

Headed to a local restuarant to hear some friends DJ a little later, maybe batting cages after that? who knows?

The End :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Whirlwind of a Day!

Today, I woke up a little too late.
I didn't think anything would be different about it.
Was I wrong? You bet!

Well my friend Mary came over, and we headed down to my mom's office so I could deposit money into my bank account.

We did this and then when we were getting on the elevator to go downstairs to leave, we had a horrible surprise.
We got in the elevator and as soon as the doors closed, we started going upstairs. We hadn't pushed any buttons. At first no big deal.
We were headed to level 19. Then when we reached there the doors didn't open.
We tried pushing a button. It didn't work.

We both began to panic. Seriously.
Finally after about a minute I pushed the level 20 button. It went up and the doors opened.

Mary and I both in somewhat of a panic, calmly rushed off the elevator.
We took the stairs down to my mom's office, where we gushed our story to anyone who would listen.
We did take the elevator downstairs, I did not hold onto my mom like a little baby.

The whole way to lunch, Mary and I were in complete silence. haha.

I almost didn't have an appetite at lunch, but it was okay, I managed.

We ate, got icees, and then headed home.
When we got home we started watching 13 Going on 30. (We just wanted to watch the dancing part to Thriller.)

Well then Mary got a phone call, it was her mom. She said that there was a really bad storm and possible tornados.
So, smart me, decided to open the door and look outside, and across the street, through the trees, I saw
A TORNADO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Well letter we found out it was a water spout, but still!!!!! We didn't know it at the time.)
So Mary, my dogs and I, later joined by my dad hunkered down in the middle of the house.
I mentioned in my previous post how my grandmother let me watch Night of Twisters as a child.

Today I said "Darn you grandmother". haha

I was to say, at the least majorly freaked out. I sat on the floor of the closet pretty much the whole time.
There was only that water spout, that I know of. BUT lots of rain and SCARY lightning.

Well the storm finally passed and very little to no damage was caused.
Scary but I was safe.

Today did have a bright side, I saw The Proposal, and it was laugh out loud hilarious!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The KIng and the Angel

So Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, died today, and to tell you the truth it makes me a little sad.
I loved some of Michael's Music, and just knew of Farrah Fawcett.
But today has made me think of other people I absolutely love.

There are certain people who I have learned to love, the classic people, maybe just special to me. Well that day when they die, you won't want to be around me.

To me these are truly are some of my favorite people.
Each one has really done something I have loved, and respected.
From singing to acting to dancing. These people are true performers.
And dorkily have changed my life for the better.

These people all can into my life because of her:

My grandmother, my Amy as I called her. She is definitely one of the, if not the major influence in my life. She died when I was in sixth grade. For only being in my life for 11 years, she has done so much for me. She has helped me become myself. She will NEVER be forgotten EVER.
I will always remember Maine, he red leather station wagon, and walking around the mall for exercise.
Always against my mothers wants, she would let me watch Hocus Pocus and Night of Twisters. Two of my still favorite movies til this day.
She introduced me to Shirley Temple.
She showed me the wonder of The King and I and The Sound of Music, and The Wizard of Oz.

The most influential person in my life, even in such a short time.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I just finished watching the gymnastics move Stick It, and let me tell you that it made me so excited for the 2012 summer Olympics !
Favorite event ever in my favorite city ever (London) woah daanngg!!!
I wish it was 2012, so I could watch the USA women's gymnaastics team beat some serious behind, watch the druggie that is Michael Phelps win every single race and be completely enthralled with it. I also would love to just watch those nice looking muscular men, diving of diving boards and hanging from those rings :p.
Who knows maybe I'll just have to take a visit.

This picture from my previous post has nothing to do with my trip! HAHAHA
I did not, repeat DID NOT go on that ride, my dad did though.

Here are some photos that were taken:

This was the Friday night, we got to the hotel, took the ferry boat over and got to riding rides.
We had these handy little express passes, and they were so worth it! All weekend we didn't have to wait longer than 20 minutes for every ride.
Friday night we only had about two hours, so we rode The Mummy, Men in Black, and the Simpsons.

That night we got room service and I went swimming while Britt sat and watched. Then I convinced her to go on the water slide with me. It was pretty fun.

Hard Rock, pretty self explanatory with the whole obvious Elvis in lights.
This was located in the lobby, whhich happened to also be the best place to find . . . lets say great scenery.

This was breakfast, yay for chocalate muffins.

Perfect timing :).

Outside my favorite candy shop, it sure was a delicious lollipop.
This was taken after going on two water rides and being completely soaked.

This was supposed to go up yesterday but just did not work out, I was sick.
Tonight Jon and Kate announced their divorce, not surprised but upset. They were my favorite for a long time, I still love those kids to death!

Big storm came through tonight, and man it was horrible, wind blowing, rain everywhere. A BIGGGGG tree branch feel down next door, knocking out some of our power.
Watched the first Transformers tonight. AMAZING! Can't wait to see the new one.
This was a pretty long post, so lets end it here.

Happy Belated Father's Day to this guy :

Saturday, June 20, 2009

yum yum yumm

I do admit, that this is pretty much what I live off of and so proud of it. haha

Got back from my trip about, ehhh ..... 2 hours ago. Completely exhausted.
Partially starved and dehydrated. Gatorade (strawberry kiwi) and the above Easy Mac have completely turned my icky feeling into YAY!

A post about Universal might possibly be up tonight, but who knows I may just go to sleep early. I will however quickly re-cap the last too days of VBS.

VBS Day 4:
To tell you the truth, I don't really remember much. Babies, snow cone.
I DIDN'T have 6 or 7 of them. :)

VBS Day 5:
Very sad to see it come to and end. Realized I'm obsessed with the VBS soundtrack. We rode the bubble train. You can imagine how hard it was to get in when its half of my height. Last snow cone, until next year.

I'm already looking forward to next year. However I'm starting to think over if I want to stay in the same age group. I LOVE the ladies I worked with, but I would love to work with older kids, so I can do more then the petting zoo.

By the way, told you I wouldn't go down the blow up slide haha.

Did I mention Friday after VBS I started getting a cold and a sore throat.
Did I mention I haven't stopped sneezing?

Here is a sneak preview for the Universal Post:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


VBS Day 3:
Well lets just say out of our five kids only one had a nap, so you can imagine the fussing. haha
My baby friend B didn't come today, but I made a new friend E. She took over B's job very well.
Had my free snow cone for the day.

The dreaded doctors appointment, well it was even more dreadful when I got there. The doctor looked and decided that the mole wasn't that big of a deal. She did however decide she wanted to take it of, I however decided I was against this. I was close to a breaking point and was not in the mood. So we are going to schedule it for another day (yeah keep dreaming).

I am watching World's Tallest Children and enjoying every minute of it.

Tomorrow consists of VBS Day 4, possibly seeing Laura (my cousin) when she is in town, and finally packing for:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sugarland and The B52s

Lets just say they might have changed my life tonight with their performance at the CMT awards, I do not remember the last time a song made me that excited! haha

VBS=Vacation Bible School

VBS Day 1:
It consisted of one year olds crying, and then deciding food is a much better route than just that there screaming. Let me just say ferocious eaters much? I made a friend today B. She liked to cry every time I moved/put her down/thought about moving or putting her down. Yeah....
But overall good day.

Only bad thing is I took not just 1 but 2 naps and lets just say that is not like me, and not a good thing. If I nap, I therefore cant sleep and stay up late, and it just turns into a big bad ugly cycle.
So by the end of the week lets just say, I might just be sleep walking to VBS.

VBS Day 2:
I'm just overly exhausted with sore arms, but those blue snow cones are so worth it. I guess those cutie patooties that I happen to be taking care of are pretty worth it too.
I am bringing socks at some point this week to go down the 22 foot slide (don't be surprised if I talk myself out of it, I do this a lot)
I will admit it, I didn't believe those little kid songs would be stuck in my head. Lets just say I was walking to my car in the parking garage, singing a little tune.

Lunch with Britt at my one and only Chilli's. My friends and I literally live there, one of the waitresses actually knows my exact order. Because I would never order the kids mac&cheese with fries every time I go. No Not Me! haha
But today not only did Britt and I indulge in our usual chips and salsa and our normal meals, but we did something so crazy, so wild, wow.
We got the chocolate chip, cookie pie, ice cream, nuts, carmel disaster. And what a great but very unhealthy disaster it is.


Lauren Mary Kaitlynn Me Ruth

I also miss Michelle, who is not in this photo, and apparently we don't take enough pictures together.

Lauren and Ruth both live out of town, so I ALWAYS miss them.
Mary and Kaitlynn on the other hand, we are together a lot.
But because of VBS and other things, I probably wont get to see much of them at all.
Very sad, and Kaitlynn is going to be gone all next week too :( !

Ok, I am completely exhausted. I'm up late and I have VBS again tomorrow bright and early.
Dermatologist appointment also, wish me luck.
( I am so NOT looking forward to this.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am a 18 year old girl, simple enough. Born and raised in a christian home, by what i think could be one of the best moms ever to live. A great family, who supports me through everything I do.
I have a group of friends and we call ourselves the FAM.
Over the years we have grown from 4 girls, to 6. We are always there with each other through the moves, the drama and just life in general.

This is them:

(I swear I'm not that gigantic, cow girl boots apparently add a couple inches.)

I just graduated from highschool! :)

I may be a highschool graduate and 18, but I am the farthest thing from an adult. My favorite place in the world is Disney, and I literally wish I could go there everyday. I live off of blue raspberry icees and chips and salsa. My life consists of driving around in my little car, spending the summer at my friend's pool, living at the mall and church on Sundays. I work in the nursery at church, waiting for the day when I have a child of my own to drop off. All I have wanted to do is be a mom, but to make a living I'm gonna be a teacher.

I'm waiting for that special guy, that God will provide to live my life with and start a family.
I'm simple, but complicated all at the same time!